“What distinguishes a good work from a great one, despite all the aspects of craft and all the skills you bring to it, is genuine curiosity. I’m speaking for myself. You teach what you need to learn. My worst writing is when I have not been curious enough about the material. My best writing has been when I have been totally curious.”

—Andre Dubus III

“The story “Reduction” began for me one difficult day when I realized my body was aging. I mean, I knew I was aging in general. I’ve had birthdays and such. But, somehow, I had caught a glimpse of my physical self in some reflected surface somewhere and saw in that reflection an old man.”

—Joseph Salvatore

“The times I feel best at writing are the times I’m in a frenzy. I get the beginning and then little jumps start happening and you almost completely lose the feeling that you’re typing.”

— Blake Butler