Willow Springs 10

Spring 1982

Featuring poetry and prose by Lana Eidsnes, Boris Pasternak, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Richard Dauenhauer, James J. McAuley and more.

Issue 09    —    Issue 11 

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Kay Boyle Selections of A Poem in Progress
Richard Dauenhauer Mother Makeyeva
Gerald Dawe Atlantic Circle
Postcard for Michael
Desmond Egan Ground Zero
David Emmons Hold Out
From Connecticut
Faiz Ahmed Faiz #1
My Visitors
In Your Eyes and Mine
The Flowers Have Gone to Seed
Natalya Gorbanyevskaya In the Mad House
Sam Hamill Ode & Lamentation
To Aphrodite, Naked in the Snow
G. Kaganovsky In Memory of Yury Galanskov
Pat Lamorte Directions for Getting to Our House
How They Tell It in Damascus
Antonio Machado III
Tim McNulty Love Charm
John Montague A Human Smile
Helga Novak Letter to Koladoghbe
changes of season
punishment put in perspective
ballad of travelling Anna
Peter Oresick How My Brother Came To Love Lenin
Boris Pasternak Sparrow Hills
In the Forest
Winter Night
After the Break
George Trakl Birth
Evening Song
The Heart
The Beautiful City
Marty Walsh The Hermit


Lana Eidsnes The Young Man and the Older Woman


Kay Boyle The Uneasiness of Autobiography
James J. McAuley Notions: Toward the Redefinition of Irish Culture Or Circling Round an Obsession