Willow Springs 15

Winter 1985

Featuring poetry and prose by Pablo Neruda, Thomas McGrath, Robert Cooperman, Joe Taylor, and more, and photographs from Robert Lloyd.

Issue 14    —    Issue 16 

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Elmaz Abinader Looking for Birds
Living Without Guatemala
The 4:05 a.m.
Manuel Silva Acevedo A la Apollinaire
Robert Cooperman Story Tellers
Names in the Book of Life
He Could Get It For Me Wholesale
The Indoor Track
Nancy Donegan P.S. for August
Odysseas Elytis Sun the First
Oscar Hahn Vision of Hiroshima
Michael Hannon On Cold Mountain
Jacqueline Hartwich Open Secret
Gerald Hausman See and Saw
Allen Hoey The Bus to Common Center
Donnell Hunter Listening to Voices
Omar Lara The Poet’s Days
Diego Maguierira Your Great Love
Sergio Mansilla Cauquil
Thomas McGrath from Letters to an Imaginary Friend (Excerpt)
Pablo Neruda from The Separate Rose (Excerpt)
Kenneth Schnexnayder Like This
Carol Sowards North to Yuma, Arizona
Lost River Valley
Raul Zurita Aconcagua


Michelle Huneven from Round Rock Farm (Excerpt)
Gregory McNamee Red Square, Zalophus, RMN
Joe Taylor Hounds of Heaven


Robert Lloyd Eight Photographs