Willow Springs 42

June 1998

Featuring poetry, prose, and translation by Tom Crawford, Jesse Lee Kercheval, David Lee, George Looney, and more. The issue also includes Leslie Leek’s “Fishing Killdeer Creek,” winner of the 1998 Willow Springs Fiction Prize, and a review by Doug Marx.

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Floyce Alexander Peasant: A Triptych
Raphael C. Allison The Lime
Tim Barnes The Caves of Joaquin Murietta: Evelyn and Sandalio
The Storm that Wakes Us
Henry Carlile Davanti a la Ruina
Phyllis K. Collier The Moonframer
Tom Crawford Low IQ
Mother’s Version
Philip Dacey Taking a Shower with Daniel Ellsberg
Jim Daniels Digger on the Nature Trail
J. Eugene Gloria White Blouses
Robert Gregory Diary
Halfway Vigil Poem
Jesse Lee Kercheval You Are Born, Everything Changes
Norbert Krapf Helga on a Stool
Jessica Lamb The Invalid’s Wife
David Lee Conversation Overheard from a Back Booth
Song E. U. Washburn Heard while Tending Roses
Joel Long Brass Buttons
The Iris Cut and Buried in a Hat Box
George Looney The Body of a Lover is Colloquial at Best
Even when Birds are Quiet
Phyllis Mannan Three Dreams of the Everlasting
Gordon Massman 225
Simone Muench Loneliness
Sherron Norlen Polyphemus
D. Nurkse Pennies for Flies
Veronica Patterson She Was
Frances Richey Bones
Maxine Scates The Current
Dianne Williams Stepp Beach Seining Tuna Woleai Atoll


Michael Hoberman Still the Jews
William Orem The Spiritual Exercises

Willow Springs Fiction Award

Leslie Leek Fishing Killdeer Creek

Poetry in Translation

Dmitry Bobyshev The Beasts of St. Anthony
translated by Michael Van Walleghen
Andrew Breton The Dim Lantern
translated by Simone Muench
Luis Cernuda I’ve Come to See
translated by Carlos Reyes
Jose Emilio Pacheco The Octopus
translated by Simon Walsh
Cesar Vallejo Our Bread
The Black Heralds
Distant Footsteps
translated by Rebecca Seiferle


Doug Marx Five Women Poets