Willow Springs 86

Spring 2020


Willow Springs 86 features prose and poetry from Joseph Millar, Ramona Ausubel, Jessica Lee Richardson, Andrew Furman, Lawrence Lenhart, and more.


Lisa Angelella Leavening
Sarah Bates Natural Histories
Mirande Bissell Gretel’s God
Dmitry Blizniuk / Sergey Gerasimov The Bones of the Landscape
Joshua Boettiger All the Familiar Woes
Bruce Bond The Lost Language 1
  The Lost Language 4
  The Lost Language 22
Adam Chiles Homing
Maggie Graber House Rules
Matthew Lippman Flew It All Around
J. Estanislao Lopez The Burning Field
John Paul Martinez Elegy on the Wisconsin
Kevin McIlvoy Awake, thinking himself asleep,
  In spider season
Owen McLeod This Bag Is Not a Toy
Joseph Millar Late July
Jen Hahn Nielsen How I Explain to My Daughter That the Divorce Is Not Her Fault
John A. Nieves Aubade with a Line from Tom Waits
Jessica Lee Richardson Horse Collar
Kathryn Smith Ode to Super Friends and Nature Television
Lauren W. Westerfield Snow
John Sibley Williams Seed


Jennifer Christman Elodie
Matthew Fiander The Starland Box
Andrew Furman Dani Bloom


Lawrence Lenhart A Ferret by Any Other Name
Tom McCauley Introductory Element Comma Independent Clause: A Study of the Moon and Bees


  A Conversation with Ramona Ausubel