Willow Springs 83

Winter 2019

Willow Springs 83 features prose and poetry from  Brenna Lemieux, John Goodhue, Anne Raustol, Laura Van Prooyen, Suzanne Highland, an interview & poetry from Maggie Smith, and more.

Issue 82


Jake Bauer Persuasion
C. Wade Bentley The Bells
Eleanor Mary Boudreau Calm Down
TR Brady dear daybreak,
John F. Buckley Crumple
Caitlyn Curran Duck Duck Goose
Fish Tank
Chelsea B. Desautels To My Daughter in Springtime
Black Hills
John Goodhue Earth, and Quickly
Ceridwen Hall troposphere
Suzanne Highland The Collector
Christopher Salerno Men Who Won’t Travel
Isabell Shepherd The Closest Moon
Cody Smith Christmas Elegy with Foot out the Door
Maggie Smith For My Next Trick
How to Build a Fire
Poem Beginning with a Line from Basho
Three Thoughts After Crossing Nameless Creek
Laura Van Prooyen Bless the Feral Hog


Brenna Lemieux The Year We Lived
Kate Tighe-Pigott The Elegant Universe


Tracy Haack Instructions for Caring
Anne Raustol A Drop of Blue
Michael R. Schrimper The Way the World Thinks of Happiness


A Conversation with Maggie Smith